I started building engines while I was still in High School (1967). The first one was a 1961 Corvair engine. It was a pretty simple engine to do and all I did was put a set of heads on it. I just needed transportation.

  I got out of the Navy in 1973 by this time I had owned 12 cars. My Dad had a 1971 Pinto and I had a 1968 Cougar. Well I thought it would be cool to built myself a 302 Ford Powered Pinto. Well that hooked me I pulled the 302 out of the Cougar and installed a Crower cam, Weiand aluminum intake, Holley 650CFM Doubbler pumper, Accel Dual Point Distributor and Super coil. All these parts I had bought while in the Navy. I swaped the 302 into the Pinto. Installed a 9-inch Ford Dif from a 1958 Ford wagon I had, which by the way the only fabing I had to do was drill the two spring plates out to a wider pattern for the "U"Bolts. The simples swap I ever did. The 9-Inch bolted in, drive shaft worked, break lines hooked up, even the emergency brake cable worked. I spent more time on the exhaust than any thing else. After driving it a while I realized it was still lacking the power I needed ,top end was only 150MPH. So I thought I would give the small Block Chevy and a Vega a try.

  My first Chevrolet Powered Vega was a 1972 "Notch Back" which I put a 350 from a wrecked 71 Corvette. Soon I was needing more SPEED, during this time of about 1 year I acquired 12 small block Chevy's and four of them being 350's.

 This is where the gathering of information started. I realized there was no one book that could give me all the info I wanted. So I started taking all the info I found from different sources and writing it down in a small notepad, which by the way I still have. The more Info I found the more I realized others might be interested in some of this info. So this info gathered here is gathered through my 49 years of building engines and collecting Knowledge and Experience building engines.

  The Second Vega was a bit faster. It was a 1972 Vega Panel using a 350CID, Edelbrock TR-1Y tunnel ram. two 850CFM double pumpers. Accel distributor and coil. Set of fueler heads with two weeks of porting. A 4 speed and Chevelle 12-bolt dif with posi and 3.42:1 gears. For the cost $800 for the Vega and $400 into the engine it had a top speed of 125MPH in a 1/4 mile and 169MPH in a half mile. . Then it was Big Block Time but that's another story.

  In all these years I have built engines which have included Buick, Cadallic, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, Jeep, Pontiac and a VW. I have owned over 140 Autos and Chevrolet is my choise of POWER.

  The Small Block CHEVY

Pat Blair